Concession Information

At registration you will be required to make a $100.00 deposit for concessions.  Your deposit check will not be cashed if you work 2 shifts at the concession stand.  
  • One shift can be any regular scheduled home game or the Reedsburg Girls Softball Invitational or The RAYS softball tournament scheduled for June 28th-June 30th.  
  • One shift will need to be a RAYS tournament shift.  The tournament is scheduled for June 28th-June 30th.
  • The RAYS board will provide credit for community service hours to high school students that work any concessions during the RAYS softball season.
To sign up for concessions we are now utilizing SignUpGenius.  You will receive an e-mail inviting you to sign up once the registration forms have been processed.  Please click on the link either in the e-mail or the following link below to sign up.  RAYS will receive an e-mail that you have signed up and you will also receive an e-mail reminder from the site prior to scheduled shift.

Please remember to sign up for your concession responsibilities. You can sign up on Facebook under the RAYS page.  For safety reasons, NO ONE under the age of 13 is allowed to be in the concession stand.  Please make other arrangements for your young ones when it's your turn to work.  Anyone 13 and older is welcome to help with concessions.  HS students can use this time as a volunteer service for school requirement.  Thank you.